Event Date

Event Type Location Client Name
Extreme Bridal Extreme Bridal Residence Mandi Stubbs & Beaver Neville
Extreme Bridal Extreme Bridal Residence Jodi Blackburn & Charles Kelley
06/21/2014 wedding Rivermill Event Centre Amy Phegley & David Weart
08/02/2014 wedding Victoria Belle Mansion Jackie Rogers & Jon Landon
08/09/2014 wedding Crawford Baptist Church Amanda Graham & Troy Thaxton
09/02/2014 engagement Residence Brooke McLemore & Brian Trevathan
09/06/2014 wedding Lakewood Baptist & The Log Cabin Brittani Maxwell & Brian Rea
09/13/2014 wedding Callaway Gardens Stacey Kiedel & Ross Chambliss
09/16/2014 engagement Residence Levie Daniel & Tyler Jones
09/20/2014 engagement Riverwalk Jessie Jablonka & Rolando Gonzalez
10/03/2014 wedding Victoria Belle Mansion Jessie Jablonka & Rolando Gonzalez
10/05/2014 wedding Hilton Garden Inn Salina Newton & Cesar Gomez
10/11/2014 wedding The Whilom Manor Levie Daniel & Tyler Jones
10/12/2014 wedding Macon's Place Teresa Ingram & Zazenski Garrison
10/13/2014 engagement Riverwalk Bekah Rhinehart & Dillon Wren
10/15/2014 engagement Callaway Gardens Alison Algarin & Jed Alexander
10/18/2014 wedding Bison Valley Lodge Wendy Burks & Jeremy Law
11/22/2014 wedding Rivermill Event Centre Michelle Echevers & David Buchanan
11/25/2014 bridal Rivermill Event Centre Brooke McLemore
12/13/2014 wedding Rivermill Event Centre Brooke McLemore & Brian Trevathan
12/31/2014 wedding Wynn House Heather Wood & Larry Glasscock
02/12/2015 wedding Court / Springer Opera House Lori Hubbard & Cha Rungsawang
02/15/2015 wedding Callaway Gardens Diane Moll & Adam Lochmann
02/27/2015 engagement Eagle Phenix Mill Whitewater Jordan Dean & Rhys Mitchell
03/28/2015 wedding COMING SOON Karrmen Currin & Victor Cardona
03/28/2015 wedding COMING SOON Danielle Anderson & Dominic Guthrie
04/25/2015 wedding COMING SOON Kasey Medley & Jason Alhquist
05/02/2015 wedding COMING SOON Jessica Beck & Jon Miller
05/10/2015 wedding COMING SOON Kate May & Mike Denning
05/16/2015 wedding COMING SOON Amanda Simpson & Daniel Jackson
05/23/2015 wedding COMING SOON Lauren Urbina & John Blanchard
05/30/2015 wedding COMING SOON Alison Algarin & Jed Alexander

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